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Firefighter Services of Ontario staff are trained to ensure candidates are provided with a professional, transparent, fair, encouraging, and pleasant experience in completing their assessments for the pre-employment screening procedures. 

Screening Components

At Firefighter Services of Ontario we offer 7 testing components. Prior to registering, candidates are expected to know the testing required by each department.

Firefighter Testing Components:

Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT): $190.00 
Valid for 1 year

Clinical Assessment $125.00 
Valid for 6 months

Medical Assessment (vision and hearing): $95.00
Valid for 1 year

Aptitude Exam $75.00
Valid for 1 year

Acrophobia Test $35.00 
Valid for 1 year

Tread Water Test $35.00 
Valid for 1 year

Emotional Stability and Resiliency Assessment $125
Valid for 1 year

NOTE: Fire Departments/Human Resource Departments reserve the right to request different/shorter expiration lengths for all components.


To book a CPAT Orientation, or to purchase the aptitude prep manual, please contact us.

For CPAT and Clinical Assessment Training:

Firefighting-specific fitness training services offered by Kinetix Performance.

Additional tests available to municipalities upon request: 

  • Human Relations Test
  • Promotional Exams (Acting Captain, Captain)

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Firefighter Services of Ontario is pleased to offer recruitment opportunities as they become available to us. 

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Clinical Assessments

The Clinical Assessment is composed of the following: body composition, 60-second sit-up test, trunk flexibility, and maximal aerobic fitness.

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Occupational Assessment (CPAT)

This candidate physical ability test (CPAT) consists of eight separate events. The CPAT is a sequence of events requiring you to progress along a predetermined path from event to event in a continuous manner. 

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Aptitude Examination

Firefighter Services of Ontario administers the Cooperative Personnel Services (CPS) Firefighter Entry-Level aptitude examination. 

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Medical Assessments

Firefighter Services of Ontario vision and hearing standards follow the recommendations of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

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Tread Water Test

The tread water test requires candidates to tread water, unassisted, for fifteen (15) consecutive minutes. Candidates must remain vertical and keep their head completely above water.

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Acrophobia Test

The acrophobia test requires candidates to climb a 30 foot ladder, wearing a harness, helmet and gloves for safety purposes. 

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Emotional Stability and Resiliency Assessment

This assessment is designed to screen fire fighter applicants for characteristics of resiliency and emotional stability. It helps to identify positive psychological characteristics that are associated with successful performance as a firefighter. For more information and fees, please contact us.

What Candidates Are Saying

  • “Good morning, Fern. I wanted to thank you and your staff for a making my CPAT yesterday a great event. The staff on site were nothing short of amazing. They were organized, calm and very supportive. They provided clear directions making the transition from station to station a breeze. Before I knew it the test was over, and I finished with a smile and a laugh. I didn’t expect to have fun doing my CPAT and I can thank your team for making that possible.”
    -Simon Matthews, Fire Fighter Candidate

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