Unsolicited testimonials from those who have experienced the exceptional service at Firefighter Services of Ontario!

We value and take pride in what we do. We sincerely thank-you for acknowledging the work and service the FSO team provides to municipalities, fire services, and candidates.

“Hi there Fern, Thank-you again for being there to help us all move onto the careers we dream of. You have a fantastic group of people working for you which truly ripples into the attitude and confidence we can muster to overcome any adversity. I enjoyed every part of the day, but again, mostly your team!”
–Megan Wright, Fire Fighter Candidate

“Hello Fern, I would like to thank you and your team for being so considerate and informative, it has been a pleasure using your service.” 
–Katie Graziano, Fire Fighter Candidate

“Good morning Fern, I wanted to thank you for everything over the past few months. Both you and your staff are incredible, everyone goes above the norm when it comes to the entire process throughout the testing. The extras that you provide – the prep booklet with the study links, the personal communication, the wonderful staff that are supportive and encouraging at the test sites, all of it makes, what can be stressful at times, a much better experience than some that I have gone through. Thank-you so much!!!” 
-Sonya Levear, Fire Fighter Candidate

“Hi Fern, it was a a pleasure to meet you and I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your guidance and timely replies to the various questions I had leading up to test day. While the day was a bit daunting, you and your staff made it a fluid process from start to finish. Everything was organized and explained well. Staff were polite and professional, as expected. Thanks again!” 
–Daniel Prinsen, Fire Fighter Candidate

“Hello Fern, I wanted to let you know I had a pleasure while being graded on the skills events. Each and everyone of your staff was a pleasure to interact with. The staff was very professional and easy to talk to. I would like to thank you for the experience I had as it’s been a few years since I’ve been thru the process.” 
–Chad Piper, Fire Fighter Candidate

“Good morning Fern, I wanted to let you know that testing went very smoothly on February 20. I was very impressed with how schedule was maintained, and the professionalism of all staff.” 
-Peter Dionisio, Fire Fighter Candidate

“Hi Fern, Thank you for the opportunity to do the orientation today. Kudos to the staff at the facility that I attended. They were attentive and deeply knowledgeable regarding the tasks that we were to complete there.” 
-James Fothergill, Fire Fighter Candidate

“Good morning Fern, Thank you kindly for all of your help throughout this process as this was my first time through, and it was a great life experience for me. I really appreciate it.” 
-Matt Vint, Fire Fighter Candidate

“Hi Fern, I thought you guys did a fantastic job today at all 3 testing sites. You guys are always fantastic, but for pandemic, I thought it was run really well . Everyone was great, I enjoyed the day.” 
-Mike Hassim, Fire Fighter Candidate

“Hi Fern, I just wanted to say thank you to you and your team for a really great orientation experience. The proctors were extremely helpful and encouraging and made me feel very welcome. I know exactly where my weaknesses are now and will be working hard to improve my time.” 
–Carla Hansen, Fire Fighter Candidate

“Hey there, I took part in all the testing today and had a great time. All the staff were great and everything was so well organized.” 
-Dan Braun, Fire Fighter Candidate

“Hey Fern, just wanted to send you a quick note to say you have some of the friendliest staff around! They were all a pleasure to deal with. I had never done some of these tests before and they were really good with explaining everything first and answering any questions I had. They were also all very welcoming every time I entered the next stage or next room or building. Please make sure they know it was very much appreciated.” 
–Mark Walter, Fire Fighter Candidate

“The day was gruelling but ran smoothly and efficiently by the proctors and staff. I really liked how the physical and aptitude test scores were cumulative, which I think is a fair and more accurate representation of the candidates. To see your scores at the end of the day in each area was extremely helpful since you then have a chance to improve upon your weaknesses. Overall it was a very positive testing experience!” 
-Angela Wilson, Fire Fighter Candidate

“Good morning, Fern. I wanted to thank you and your staff for a making my CPAT yesterday a great event. The staff on site were nothing short of amazing. They were organized, calm and very supportive. They provided clear directions making the transition from station to station a breeze. Before I knew it the test was over, and I finished with a smile and a laugh. I didn’t expect to have fun doing my CPAT and I can thank your team for making that possible.” 
-Simon Matthews, Fire Fighter Candidate

“I also just wanted to say, thank you again. So much. Your entire staff was so encouraging throughout the testing process – especially Brad at the CPAT. I also really appreciated the time you took to go through feedback with me. It helps me better understand where I need to improve and how I can do that. Even though I wasn’t successful, your staff’s encouragement and patience with me, and the overall environment, made today a positive experience and for that I really can’t thank you enough.” 
-Lauren Blackburn, Fire Fighter Candidate

“Firefighter Services of Ontario provides fair, and transparent testing ensuring candidates are not caught off guard. They’re professional, well organized, and friendly staff help relieve some natural stress of the testing which allows candidates to do their best. The customer service they provide goes above and beyond any of the testing services I’ve taken part of in the past. Firefighter Services of Ontario supports you throughout the recruitment process and makes you feel like they’re not just in it for your money. Thank you to Fern and her highly qualified team!” 
-Robert Derbyshire, Full-Time Fire Fighter, City of Burlington

“Hi Fern, I wanted to commend your staff for how well organized and positive they all are. It can be a stressful day for candidates, and they do a great job to help ease some of that tension for us, it’s much appreciated” 
-Kevin Horne, Fire Fighter Candidate

“The orientation was a great experience and confidence booster, and your staff were amazingly friendly and professional.” 
-Matthew Gordon, Fire Fighter Candidate

“Thank you so much for everything yesterday! It was a great experience and your staff was wonderful with us all day long.” 
-Kyle Buttenham, Fire Fighter Candidate

“Hi Fern, thank-you so much for an amazing day today. Your staff was absolutely amazing and very welcoming.” 
–Jake Wood, Fire Fighter Candidate

“Hello Fern, I just wanted to email you and thank you so much for all of your help prior to and throughout testing day. You are truly one of a kind and your passion for your work falls nothing short of unnoticed. I sincerely appreciate all of your responses, as well as, your prep resources and links for the aptitude exam. Thank-you for making the experience effortless.” 
-Sarah Black, Fire Fighter Candidate

“I really enjoyed the overall coordination of the testing and the steady flow of the day. I am very happy I was successful and the orientation really did pay off! The testing is a very good baseline of how fit a firefighter needs to be and I will be maintaining this level of fitness throughout my career. I am also happy about the constructive criticism and will be making the needed adjustments for next time.” 
-Joshua Chassie, Fire Fighter Candidate

“I recently completed the FSO testing. Passed and actually had a lot of fun that was good! I kept telling everyone I felt like I was on the amazing race running around doing challenges lol.”
-Alex Brennan, Fire Fighter Candidate

“I am a full-time firefighter with the Brantford Fire Department. I have been through the Firefighter Services of Ontario testing twice, while applying to different departments, and both times was very impressed by how efficient the entire process was and how helpful the staff were.”
-Bobbi Aneca, Full-Time Fire Fighter

“I wanted to let you know the whole process was really well run on your end! I have done many of these types of testing days in the past at other facilities and it’s usually a nightmare. Tests followed by long intervals of waiting around – never knowing where to go next…Saturday was a breeze – the staff was super helpful and while I hope to not have to do this process again, if I do, I hope it’s through Firefighter Services of Ontario!” 
-Donald Owens, Fire Fighter Candidate

“Hi Fern, I just wanted to thank you for your help in this process. You were very professional to deal with at the exam and today during the CPAT. Thanks for all the work that you put into it.” 
-Jonathan Wahab, Fire Fighter Candidate

“I just wanted to thank-you for accommodating me with an individual appointment for the CPAT. I appreciate the professional and kind staff at Firefighter Services of Ontario.” 
-Rob Gilmour, Fire Fighter Candidate

“Hey Fern, I just wanted to say that I was hired full-time by a city that didn’t use your program, but I did attend many testing dates with Firefighter Services of Ontario. Each time I was there your staff is second to none. No matter what my outcome was, the staff and testing was great. Thanks again to your staff.” 
-D. Smith, Full-Time Fire Fighter

“It was a pleasure testing with Firefighter Services of Ontario. The staff were helpful and professional throughout the entire day. This was my first time using the face masks for the maximal aerobic fitness test and I found it to be a much better way of administering that portion. Well done and thank-you.”
-Mike Wilson, Fire Fighter Candidate

“Throughout the whole process of applying, Firefighter Services of Ontario has made things extremely easy and stress free. I appreciate the work you are doing.” 
-Jonny Bowers, Fire Fighter Candidate 

“Firefighter Services Ontario is a fantastic place to test. The assessments are completed at three test sites and there are shuttle vans to drive you and pick you up. This process is painless and very organized. Fern has a lot of good help from the people who work at all the different stations. Everyone is super nice and professional”. 
-Brandon Schell, Fire Fighter Candidate

“The service you provide is very professional and well organized. It’s really well done.” 
-Robert, Fire Fighter Candidate

“I wanted to thank Fern and the staff from Sunday for an amazing set up! Everything was perfectly organized and the staff was incredibly helpful during a stressful and nervous time for all of us, so I just wanted to say thank you again so much for the entire day and being a large part of the success some of us were able to find. Looking forward to coming down again!” 
-Sarah Campbell, Fire Fighter Candidate

“The evaluation day was a very good experience. Everyone working that day were friendly and encouraging.” 
-Kevin Jackson, Fire Fighter Candidate

“Thank-you for the opportunity to be tested. I had a great time and your staff were excellent!” 
-Christopher O’Henly, Fire Fighter Candidate

“Thank-you very much and please pass onto your staff from Saturday that it was a very enjoyable day and everything went extremely well without any hiccups.” 
-Brad Holmes, Fire Fighter Candidate

“I would like to thank you and your associates for a great day of testing. Although it was stressful, your team made everything quite enjoyable and made for an excellent overall experience. Much appreciated.” 
-Michael Campbell, Fire Fighter Candidate

“Just wanted to drop a note to let you know the testing was really good today. Overall it was a great day and was very happy about the program you guys do. Can’t forget the staff, they were great too!!!” 
-Mike Cliffe, Fire Fighter Candidate

“I enjoyed my time at the testing facility, very organized!” 
-Derek Childs, Fire Fighter Candidate

“Thank-you to Fern and her staff for an efficient and well-run testing experience!” 
-William Jake Reynolds, Fire Fighter Candidate

“As always, it was a pleasure completing my testing with Firefighter Services of Ontario. The process was well organized and the proctors were a pleasure to be around.” 
-Cory White, Fire Fighter Candidate

“Fern, a huge thank-you to you and your group, it was fantastic and I enjoyed every minute of it.” 
–Michael Staneff, Fire Fighter Candidate

“I just wanted to thank-you for all your help in the process of getting me signed up to do the testing. I was successful and I am looking forward to the next steps. Thank-you for all your help and supporting me in the last minute to get it done.” 
–Steve Priolo, Fire Fighter Candidate

“I just wanted you to know your staff was awesome. Being it was my first time going through this all of them were great at answering my questions and made me feel a lot more comfortable.” 
–Tyler Morgan, Fire Fighter Candidate

“I had a great time doing the tests. All your staff there were kind and helpful.” 
–Sam Kim, Fire Fighter Candidate

“I would like to thank-you for all your help, and your staff as well. They were very pleasant and helpful in assisting me throughout the day. It made my day much less stressful.” 
–Kris S., Fire Fighter Candidate

“I want to thank you and your staff for everything. The testing was great, I was extremely happy with my results. Thank-you for all the help you gave along the way, and thanks to your staff for being such great people.” 
–Lance Morin, Fire Fighter Candidate

“I would like to offer a compliment to your company and staff. I found everything to be extremely well organized and the testing moved like clockwork. Thank-you for that.” 
–Cedric Warburton, Fire Fighter Candidate

“We are delighted to have Firefighter Services of Ontario as the exclusive volunteer firefighter screening facility for Town of Fort Erie. We are thoroughly impressed with their flexible services and professionalism and we look forward to our continued partnership. We highly recommend them to all municipalities in the province for firefighter recruitment.” 
-Larry Coplen, Former Fire Chief, Town of Fort Erie

“Congratulations and exciting times are ahead as you launch the new Firefighter Services of Ontario.  I will continue to use your services in full-time and volunteer candidate screening.  Again, you have my support and congratulations.” 
-Chris Halliday, Retired Fire Chief, City of Thorold

“Thank you kindly for all of your help throughout this process as this was my first time through, and it was a great life experience for me.  I really appreciate it. All of the staff was very supportive and helpful and made my first experience a really enjoyable one. It was fantastic.” 

-Mark Vint, Fire Fighter Candidate

“Hello Fern, Thank you for the follow up email and the best wishes. I wanted to also let you know I had a pleasure while being graded on the skills events. Each and everyone of your staff was a pleasure to interact with. The staff was very professional and easy to talk to.  I would like to thank you for the experience I had as it’s been a few years since I’ve been thru the process”

-Chad Piper, Fire Fighter Candidate

“I took part in all the testing today and had a great time. All the staff were great and everything was so well organized.”
-Dan Braun, Fire Fighter Candidate

“Thanks for your time and help. You and your team were amazing back when I was going through with Hamilton and nothings changed.”
-Jeff McKee, Fire Fighter Candidate

“Fern, I didn’t get a chance to say thank you before I left today. I called not knowing where to go and was in a panic this morning. The site has no phone numbers but does say the location of a single testing location.  You calmed me and helped me right away.  I’m thankful for that.  The entire day was exhausting but your team was excellent at each module. I really enjoyed it.  The venues were clean, plenty of parking etc.  I’m thankful for the details you seem to take into consideration.”
-Scott McCallum, Fire Fighter Candidate

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