Screening Components:

At Firefighter Services of Ontario we offer 6 testing components. Prior to registering, candidates are expected to know the testing required by each department.

Our Testing Components:

Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT): $190.00 
Valid for 1 year

Clinical Assessment: $125.00 
Valid for 6 months

Medical Assessment (vision and hearing): $95.00
Valid for 1 year

Aptitude Exam: $75.00
Valid for 6 months

Acrophobia Test: $35.00 
Valid for 1 year

Tread Water Test: $35.00 
Valid for 1 year

Fire Departments/Human Resource Departments reserve the right to request different/shorter expiration lengths for all components.

NEW: Resiliency and Emotional Stability Assessment
This assessment is designed to screen fire fighter applicants for characteristics of resiliency and emotional stability. It helps to identify positive psychological characteristics that are associated with successful performance as a firefighter. For more information and fees, please email [email protected].

Additional tests available to municipalities upon request: 
Human Relations Test
Promotional Exams (Acting Captain, Captain)
Email [email protected] for fees