Forcible Entry

Event #5


This event uses a mechanized device located 39 inches (1 m) off the ground that measures cumulative force and a 10-pound (4.54-kg) sledgehammer.

Purpose of Evaluation

This event is designed to simulate the critical tasks of using force to open a locked door or to breach a wall. This event challenges your aerobic capacity, upper body muscular strength and endurance, lower body muscular strength and endurance, balance, grip strength and endurance, and anaerobic endurance.

This event affects your aerobic and anaerobic energy systems as well as the following muscle groups: quadriceps, glutes, triceps, upper back, trapezius, and muscles of the forearm and hand (grip).


For this event, you must use a 10-pound (4.54-kg) sledgehammer to strike the measuring device in the target area until the buzzer is activated. During this event, you must keep your feet outside the toe-box at all times. After the buzzer is activated, place the sledgehammer on the ground. This concludes the event. Walk 85 feet (25.91 m) within the established walkway to the next event.

Warnings and Failures

If you do not maintain control of the sledgehammer and release it from both hands while swinging, it constitutes a failure, the test time is concluded and you fail the test. If you step inside the toe-box, one warning is given. The second infraction constitutes a failure, the test time is concluded and you fail the test.

Physical Preparation

Borrow or purchase a ten-pound sledgehammer. Wrap padding around a large tree or vertical pole at a level of 39 inches above the ground with a circular target in the center. Stand sideways and swing the sledgehammer in a level manner so the head strikes the center of the target area. Focus on using your legs and hips to initiate the swinging motion.

The initial phase of this task-specific training should focus on learning the coordinated movement of your arms and legs to accurately hit the target. Repeat the swing 15 times and rest for two minutes. Repeat this exercise-rest sequence twice again. Strive to increase the velocity (power) of each swing without sacrificing accuracy as your comfort level and skill on this test item improve.

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