Maximal Aerobic Fitness

The candidate will perform a graded exercise test on a motor-driven treadmill. The workload will be increased every minute by increasing the speed and/or elevation of the treadmill until the candidate is exhausted or until other symptoms dictate that the test must be terminated. Additionally, the candidate may voluntarily terminate the test at any time because of fatigue or discomfort.

The candidate will be instructed to wear a full-face mask for the purpose of collecting gases throughout the test. The maximal aerobic fitness test is measured in ml/kg/min and is rated on a 10 point scale relative to the candidate’s gender and age. For best results, candidates should dress in a short sleeve shirt, shorts, running shoes and socks. The candidate is allowed one violation before the test is terminated.

Violations on this test include:

Holding onto the treadmill rails for extended periods (ie., 2 seconds).
Talking while exercising (candidates will be instructed to communicate through hand gestures).

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