Body Composition

Weight-related problems can pose a significant burden on the Canadian workforce. In the past, emphasis was targeted on the weigh scale, which measures body weight rather than body fat. As we know today, the emphasis should be placed on the amount and distribution of body fat as opposed to body weight. To determine one’s body composition, the candidate will be evaluated for both waist-to-hip ratio and percent body fat. In order to obtain an accurate body fat reading, it is the responsibility of the candidate to follow the protocol listed below.

  • Do not exercise within 12 hours of your appointment.
  • Do not consume any alcohol within 48 hours of your appointment.
  • Do not consume diuretic medications within 7 days of your appointment.
  • Do not consume caffeine within 12 hours of your appointment.
  • Empty bladder within 30 minutes of your appointment.
  • No food or drink (other than water) within 4 hours of your appointment.
  • Essentially, you must be normally hydrated for this assessment.

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