Aptitude Examination

Aptitude Examination

Firefighter Services of Ontario administers the Cooperative Personnel Services (CPS) Firefighter Entry-Level aptitude examination. The test format is multiple choice and metric versions of these examinations have been provided to accommodate Canadian fire services.

Description of the types of questions include:

  1. Understanding oral information
  2. Understanding written information (reading comprehension).
  3. Arithmetic reasoning
  4. Maps, diagrams and mechanical drawings

Terminology in CPS examinations is not intended to discriminate against any specific gender, individual or groups of persons. Pronouns are used in a neutral, generic sense and should not be construed as favoring any individual or group of people.

All test materials will be provided, including pencils and erasers. Calculators are not permitted. Candidates are not permitted to leave the examination room throughout the duration of the test.

Candidates requiring special accommodations must email [email protected] AT LEAST one week prior to their appointment. Documentation from a specialist indicating the type of accommodation(s) is required for consideration.

Candidates must attain a score of at least 70 percent on the CPS Aptitude Examination in order to receive a “Pass” grade.