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Firefighter Services of Ontario Ltd. (FSO) is an elite, comprehensive, pre-employment screening service exclusively dedicated to assisting municipalities in examining the physical and psychological ability of career and volunteer firefighter candidates in terms of health- and occupational-specific performance. FSO uses valid and legally defensible screening procedures, and highly qualified staff that are trained to follow all standard screening protocol in order to meet the needs of our partnering city corporations and colleges. Understanding and appreciating the stressful nature of the firefighter pre-employment screening procedure, the FSO staff are trained to ensure candidates are provided with a professional, transparent, fair, encouraging, and pleasant experience.

Firefighter Services of Ontario is OPEN for testing

Please email [email protected] to schedule test dates.


Please note due to the pandemic, the possibility of rescheduling any test date exists. We are closely monitoring the situation and following the advice of the WHO, Health Canada, and the Federal and Provincial government. We will assess the situation closer to test dates and any updates will be updated on the website and relayed to candidates via email. The health and safety of our candidates, staff and greater community is our priority. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

For those testing on October 17th, please check your email for an update on testing locations. If you do not see the message in your inbox, please check your junk mail folder.
Recruitment Guide 2020 | Application Form | Application Checklist
Test Dates: October 3, 4, 17, 24, 25, 2020; November 7, 2020
Registration Deadline: 5PM EST on Friday, September 11, 2020

Appointments are first come, first serve
Test Dates: October 24, 25, 2020; November 7, 8, 14, 15, 2020
Update: November 7, 8, 14, and 15, 2020 are now full
Registration Deadline: 4PM EST on Thursday, October 22, 2020

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NEW: Resiliency and Emotional Stability Assessment

This assessment screens candidates for characteristics of resiliency and emotional stability. It also helps to identify positive psychological characteristics that are associated with successful performance as a firefighter. Municipalities and Fire Departments who would like more information on this valuable tool can contact [email protected].


-To book a CPAT Orientation, or to purchase the CPS preparation manual, please email [email protected]

For CPAT and Clinical Assessment Training:
-Firefighting-specific fitness training services offered by Kinetix Performance.

Do you have all the First Aid CPR Certification required to apply for an upcoming recruitment?  If not contact Niagara Training Systems to register for the First Aid CPR training you require.


“I also just wanted to say, thank you again. So much. Your entire staff was so encouraging throughout the testing process – especially Brad at the CPAT. I also really appreciated the time you took to go through feedback with me. It helps me better understand where I need to improve and how I can do that. Even though I wasn’t successful, your staff’s encouragement and patience with me, and the overall environment, made today a positive experience and for that I really can’t thank you enough.”
-Lauren BlackburnFire Fighter Candidate

“The day was gruelling but ran smoothly and efficiently by the proctors and staff. I really liked how the physical and aptitude test scores were cumulative, which I think is a fair and more accurate representation of the candidates. To see your scores at the end of the day in each area was extremely helpful since you then have a chance to improve upon your weaknesses. Overall it was a very positive testing experience!”
-Angela WilsonFire Fighter Candidate

“Firefighter Services of Ontario provides fair, and transparent testing ensuring candidates are not caught off guard. They’re professional, well organized, and friendly staff help relieve some natural stress of the testing which allows candidates to do their best. The customer service they provide goes above and beyond any of the testing services I’ve taken part of in the past. Firefighter Services of Ontario supports you throughout the recruitment process and makes you feel like they’re not just in it for your money. Thank you to Fern and her highly qualified team!”
-Robert Derbyshire, Full-Time Fire Fighter, City of Burlington

“I really enjoyed the overall coordination of the testing and the steady flow of the day. I am very happy I was successful and the orientation really did pay off! The testing is a very good baseline of how fit a firefighter needs to be and I will be maintaining this level of fitness throughout my career. I am also happy about the constructive criticism and will be making the needed adjustments for next time.”
-Joshua Chassie, Fire Fighter Candidate

“I wanted to let you know the whole process was really well run on your end! I have done many of these types of testing days in the past at other facilities and it’s usually a nightmare. Tests followed by long intervals of waiting around – never knowing where to go next…Saturday was a breeze – the staff was super helpful and while I hope to not have to do this process again, if I do, I hope it’s through Firefighter Services of Ontario!”
-Donald Owens, Fire Fighter Candidate

“Hey Fern, I just wanted to say that I was hired full-time by a city that didn’t use your program, but I did attend many testing dates with Firefighter Services of Ontario. Each time I was there your staff is second to none. No matter what my outcome was, the staff and testing was great. Thanks again to your staff.”
-D. SmithFull-Time Fire Fighter

“I just wanted to thank-you for accommodating me with an individual appointment for the CPAT. I appreciate the professional and kind staff at Firefighter Services of Ontario.”
-Rob GilmourFire Fighter Candidate

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